Home Office Basics Don’t Have To Be Basic

Above: 1) Aeron Chair PostureFit by Herman Miller, (Design Within Reach $899) / 2) Airia Desk by Herman Miller (Herman Miller Shop, $2199) / 3) Lucite Desk Accessories (CB2 $10-$35) / 4) Bronze Desk Organizer ( Anthropologie $48) / 5) Tolemo Classic LED Table Lamp by Artemide (Y Lighting $635 ) / 6) Atelier Task Table Lamp (Restoration Hardware, $349)

As more and more companies allow employees to work from home, more and more employees are taking advantage of this perk. Sure, working from home sounds like a great idea that is until you end up wasting your entire day in front of the TV. At-home productivity isn’t impossible; all you need is the right home office. The key to the perfect home office is a balance between form and function; no one wants to spend eight hours neither sitting at ugly desk nor sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Here are tips to get a great home office without looking like you took your cubicle home with you.

The Ultimate Office Chair

Every office needs a proper chair and this is one time you should not look for style over substance. This may seem an obvious point but ensure your chair has height adjustment, that it comes with armrests (that can swivel, tilt, roll, and raise), and provides proper lumbar support.  Don’t cheap out here, think about how long each day you spend in this chair. Best bet – Herman Miller.

The Perfect Desk

Without a proper desk, your home office isn’t really an office; it’s just you working on your coffee table. Buying a home office desk is not an easy decision though as they can take up a lot of space. What is most important when making this decision is how it will sit in the room amongst all your other furniture. It needs to blend in but sometimes this takes a little extra creativity when shopping – check out dining tables, carts or credenzas.  My best advice is to try to stick to a clean and modern desk with few drawers or with a separate drawer unit. And if you want lots of room to spread out, consider shopping the dining tables.

Storage with Style
There’s strong scientific research suggesting that there is a correlation between productivity and organization. The right storage solutions will keep chaos at bay and keep you productive. Ensure you have at least one filing cabinet (look for modern ones that blend in) and keep your desk neat and organized with letter trays, pencil cups, and magazine holders.

Upgraded Tools

It has often been said that the right accessories make the outfit and in this case, the right accessories make the desk. The essential supplies: a stapler, scissors, tape dispenser, letter opener and mousepad. This is your opportunity to add in some designed pieces – many designers have turned their eyes towards office supplies and are creating sleek, modern office tools. Best bet – skip the big box office supply store. Try to stick to all the same finish; try Lucite or brass for a modern retro feel.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is much more effective when working away at your desk than overhead lighting.  Most desk lamps will do, just ensure you use at least a 60-watt light bulb.

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