IKEA Transforms Showroom Into Syrian Home

Above: The model home is located in iIKEA's flagship store

Since the Arab Spring, Syrian civilians have been forced to live in an extremely harsh and dangerous climate. When the war hit the streets of Damascus, the first visible victims were the city’s inhabitants. The damage was incredibly severe, and drove many outside of the country. For those that remained in the capital, it goes without saying that the conflict afflicted them greatly as well. While we are witness to the plight of the fleeing refugee, there is also the plight of those who are unable to escape, or who choose to stay and await the betterment of their nation.

In their Norwegian flagship store, IKEA has teamed up with Red Cross to showcase the life of a citizen in Damascus. The campaign itself, was started to help bring awareness towards Norway’s annual TV-Aksjonen fundraising event. The company and charity organization have built a model apartment, fully equipped with the scarce items true to a Syrian apartment, and based on the real home of a woman named Rana. The structure is outfitted with classic IKEA tags, which are adorned by stories of those surrounded by civil war. It’s certainly moving, and you can get a sense of the installation in an official video below.

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