The SEGA Genesis Is Back In Production

Above: The new machine will debut next year

If you were truly were a child of the nineties, you or someone you know, happened to own a SEGA Genesis. It was one of the best game consoles to have ever been produced, and has since gained a cult following of equally devout adopters. The Genesis introduced many of us to iconic titles like Contra, Sonic, and a plethora of others. For previous owners, we regularly (and justifiably) remiss about the old machine, and regret selling or trashing it all of those years ago. While fans of the series have sought out online emulators, nothing quite feels like the real deal. Now, it seems as though SEGA is rewarding us diehards with a new edition of the Genesis…well, sort of.

Brazil’s own, TecToy, is producing a machine that looks identical to the old Genesis, and more importantly, is equipped to play the console’s cartridges. Thankfully, the piece also comes with an SD slot for emulated games as well, and is sold with a classic-looking controller. While the whole thing seems rather strange, it makes sense when you discover that Brazil has a thriving Genesis community, who still purchase roughly 150,000 of the consoles every year.

If you happen to be a SEGA fan, you can pre-order the new TecToy version here.


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