The TikTok Roman Empire Trend: Why Modern Men Are Looking To Ancient Rome

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? The latest TikTok trend sees people asking their often male partners “how often do you think about the Roman Empire?” and the results are often surprising with many men saying that they think about it pretty regularly, from anywhere up to weekly, to multiple times a DAY.

The digital era has brought with it many unexpected surprises and trends, but none quite as unique as the fascination with the Roman Empire on TikTok. This trend isn’t about Caesar salads or gladiator sandals; it’s about delving into the ideals, philosophies, and aesthetics that defined one of history’s most influential civilizations. As we juggle the complexities of modern life, there’s something oddly comforting about connecting with a past society that grappled with remarkably similar questions of human existence.

Wondering why this trend has gained traction on social media, especially among men… Read on to find out more.

The Aesthetic Appeal
The Roman Empire aesthetic on TikTok is a blend of grand architecture, marble sculptures, classical art, and even snippets of Roman philosophy. It combines to create a vibe that is both powerful and contemplative.

Masculinity and Virtue
One reason this trend resonates with modern men lies in its presentation of masculinity. The Romans idolized virtues like courage, wisdom, justice, and temperance—qualities many men today still aspire to embody. Clips showcasing snippets of Roman philosophy, quotes from figures like Marcus Aurelius, and discussions about Stoicism, not only educate but also serve as a form of self-improvement.

The Lure of Power and Strategy
Let’s be honest; men often have a fascination with power dynamics, strategy, and competition. The Roman Empire was a masterclass in all of these. From Julius Caesar’s military strategies to the political cunning showcased during the era of the Roman Senate, these stories find a modern audience intrigued by strategic depth. TikTok creators are turning these historical events into relatable content, sometimes even drawing parallels between Roman strategies and today’s corporate world.

A Sense of Brotherhood
In a society that sometimes makes it difficult for men to form meaningful connections, the idea of Roman “fraternitas” (brotherhood) seems increasingly appealing. TikTokers are recreating the sense of camaraderie that Roman soldiers must have felt, sharing it through video clips that offer a glimpse of what a modern-day Roman brotherhood could look like.

Dressing the Part
The trend isn’t just virtual; it has real-world implications too. Fashion inspired by the Roman era—think tunics, leather sandals, and even replicas of Roman armor—has started making its way into men’s wardrobes. While not everyone is going full gladiator before heading to the grocery store, elements like gold-accented accessories or capes have been sneaking into mainstream fashion.

The Contrast to Modern Chaos
In an age of constant digital bombardment and societal pressures, the Roman Empire trend offers a sense of order and grandeur that contrasts sharply with the chaos of modern life. The Roman arches and columns, the organized ranks of legionnaires, and even the formal debates of the Senate, all evoke a bygone era where things, at least superficially, seemed structured and clear-cut.

Those are just a few of the reasons some men are thinking about the Roman Empire. In essence, the TikTok Roman Empire trend taps into an underlying curiosity about how the past can inform the present. Whether it’s the virtues espoused, the strategic thinking celebrated, or the aesthetic enjoyed, TikTok’s latest viral trend offers a unique blend of entertainment and enlightenment that particularly resonates with men. It’s basically a creative and intriguing way to explore complex facets of masculinity, power, and virtue that remain relevant today, proving once again that while empires may fall, their legacies endure. So, whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for an escape, the Roman Empire Trend on TikTok is waiting to transport you to a bygone era of grandeur and glory. That is until the next trend comes along.

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