5 Dry-Skin Culprits You Need To Know About Now

How many times have you walked through your home lately, touched something and felt a spark of a shock? Does your hair stand on end every time you pull on or take off a t-shirt or sweater? And what about your skin? Is it feeling drier and tighter and maybe even looking a little flaky? Yup, these are all sure signs that its wintertime in Canada. And the skin you’re in needs a little extra care. We turned to Emily Trampetti, a master licensed esthetician and the founder of Skin Property in Florida, for her expert insight on winter dry skin and how to resolve it.

Drying culprit #1: Heaters and less humidity
When the heat comes on and the windows close, we lose a lot of humidity in the air and this, literally, sucks the water out of your skin. This can result in redness or irritation, tightness and even flakes.
SOLUTION: “If you have a built-in humidifier, it’s time to turn it up or grab yourself a portable humidifier to put in your home to keep moisture in the air,” advises Trampetti. “If you only have one, put it in your bedroom so your skin has moisture as you sleep.”

Drying culprit #2: Sanitizers and hand washing
Winter is cold and flu season, period. Which means you’re probably hand washing and sanitizing on the regular. And since many soaps, sanitizers and cleansers can strip the oil and water from your skin, you may notice your hands feeling and looking extra rough.
SOLUTION: “The best thing to do is keep moisturizers and hand lotions around,” says Trampetti. “And then, the best way to re-moisturize the skin is using a hydrating lotion and/or moisturizer before you go to bed.”

Drying culprit #3: Stress
Work, family, life…it can all take a toll. Factor in grey, cloudy skies and bone-chilling weather and it’s easy to feel some stress pangs. Unfortunately, stress can have an impact on your face. It can exacerbate trans-epidermal water loss (the speed at which water leaves your skin), lead to lost sleep and prompt anxious behaviors such as having a third tumbler of scotch, smoking cigars and skipping the gym.
SOLUTION: “Pay a little extra attention to your stress levels and talk to your higher power about taking some of the burden away,” says Trampetti.

Drying culprit #4: Hot Showers and baths
Of course standing under a hot shower or soaking in a steamy bath feels incredible, especially after being out in the cold. Still, for the sake of your skin, it’s best to keep bathing to once daily and in warm, not hot, water. Additionally, opt for a creamy face and body wash and save your gel-based ones for spring, as they “can be drying on the skin,” says Trampetti.
SOLUTION: “It is very important to moisturize upon getting out of your shower or bath. Find a moisturizer that you will use consistently and put it right on your bathroom counter so that you’ll use it.”

Drying culprit #5: Scarves, gloves and hats
These winter-warm items are great at keeping you covered up and toasty, but they can exacerbate many skin conditions, such as dryness, irritation, acne and more. “These items create friction, trap heat and moisture, which can cause fluctuations in skin pH, and trap bacteria,” explains Trampetti.
SOLUTION: After you take your winter gear off, head to the bathroom and “do a gentle cleanse and re-moisturize afterwards. This will help keep problems at bay.”

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