Attention Gentleman: It’s Time To Up Your Underwear Game For V-Day

Recent studies suggest that the top gifts men buy for their partners for Valentines Day are still very traditional: flowers, chocolates and lingerie. Trust us, we get it. Quite a lot of women do love to receive sexy lingerie for Valentines Day. It makes them feel confident and sexy. But we also know the men who buy it for them are also doing it for themselves  – it’s the gift that both parties enjoy. But hold up, when was the last time you took a long hard look in the mirror at the underwear you wear for your partner? If you want your partner in something sexy, shouldn’t you reciprocate? Those old saggy tighty whiteys just won’t do for Valentines. And quite frankly, maybe they never should be in your rotation. So we are here to help with our rundown of some ‘sexy’ underwear for you to wear to impress your partner for Valentines (and throughout the year).

For those of us from a certain generation, Calvin Klein underwear was our first standard of sexy yet modern underwear for both men and women. Remember, nothing comes between me and my Calvins? Well maybe that might not be true but we think a classic pair of Calvin Klein low rise hip briefs might be an easy upgrade that would impress your partner. Opt for a pair of black briefs if you are usually the kind of guy who doesn’t stray from white briefs. She will love the change up.

Rebel Empire is a streetwear inspired luxe underwear brand from the UK. We love that they include a His and Hers set. That’s right, you and your partner can match each other in chic all black coordinating intimates. The set includes a thong and bralette for her, while he gets a pair of trunks (or briefs). The brand makes underwear with the softest fabrics and their signature gold bar branding. This set is perfect for the fashion forward streetwear couple.

Now if you are more of an adventurous guy, may we suggest you upgrade your briefs with a more modern fit in a fun colour. Why not try out an electric no-show brief from 2xist? This ultra-low rise brief is sure to turn some heads when you drop trou, especially if you opt for it in hot pink.

Okay you have been working out hard for years and have recently upped your squat game So why aren’t you showing off your best ass-ests on Valentines’ day? Jockstraps have been selling like hot cakes over the past few years. And quite frankly we know you have been thinking about it. So take the leap and get one for V-Day. May we suggest a fashion forward jockstrap from Versace that will surely impress your partner.

Now that we have your attention, and you have your partners, why not update your whole underwear drawer? Check out our review of underwear subscription services – the easiest way to keep up your newly established underwear standard.

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