About Face: BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows & Lashes

About Face: BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows & Lashes

What’s the one physical characteristic most people comment on when they meet someone new? The eyes. So what if you could enhance yours? No, not change your actual eye colour, but rather enhance your eyebrows and even your eyelashes by making them stand out more.

Tinting eyebrows and lashes is not new. Women have been cashing in on this service for decades, typically at spas and salons for a combined starting price that’s around $40. BTW men do it too, especially those with fairer hair and brows, often in an add-on service kind of way like when they go to the salon to get their unibrow waxed and when the aesthetician suggests a tint, they go for it.

Now, bigwig beauty companies like GWCosmetics and RefectoCil who are, eh hem, globally known for their tinting products, are parenting DIY companies, like BeautyLash for at-home convenience (the tinting, that is. We’ll talk uni-brows another time), when you don’t have time to fit in an appointment at the salon.

BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows and Lashes

Here’s how it works. Inside the kit you’ll find a tube of plant and gel-based colour in your preferred shade. The kit is available in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown colours—all for sensitive eyes. There will also be a tube of plant-based developer, an application stick, a tinting brush, a plastic dish and a package of 16 protection papers. All you have to do is wash your face, dry it off, rub a little face or body lotion onto the rough side of two protective papers and place them under your eyes. They’ll act as a barrier for your skin to prevent discoloration.

Next, squeeze a pea-sized amount of the gel colour into one of the sections of the plastic dish and using the tinting brush apply the gel colour to your eyelashes in upwards strokes from root to tint. Make sure you keep your eyes open and that you apply the gel evenly. Once you’ve finished, use the same brush and stroke the tint along your eyebrows. Then play on your Smart Phone for two minutes. When the time is up, take a dry cotton pad and remove the tint.

Now, squeeze a pea-sized amount of the developer gel into a clean section of the plastic dish and using the tinting stick apply the developer gel to your eyelashes and eyebrows in upwards strokes from root to tip. Then chat on WhatsApp for one minute. Afterwards, remove the developer gel with a damp cotton pad and then remove the protection papers and you’re done. Need more? Watch this video. Otherwise, your handy work should last for about six weeks and there’s enough product in the kit to tint your style eight times over.

BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows & Lashes is $34.95, available at www.tradesecrets.ca.

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