Fragrance Of The Month: Azzaro Wanted By Night EDP

Rumour has it Loris Azzaro was a wild child during the ’70s, hedonistic and free, loving nothing more than partying into the wee hours. So naturally, his eponymous French couture brand Azzara crafted a men’s eau de parfum in his festive honour.

Wanted By Night embodies the former patriarch’s joie de vivre as much as it does his impeccable and sensual style. A headier and richer take on its 2016 predecessor Wanted, perfumers Michel Girand and Quentin Bisch’s version of the eau is said to be “a modern-day seducer. An extraordinary man. Elegant, bold, mysterious, he is surrounded by an air of confidence and power. Whether night or day, he attracts and arouses desire… For him, it’s an endless night; and for them, it’s a one-on-one moment that they will never forget…” Phew! Kind of makes you feel all hot and sweaty inside, doesn’t it?

Captured in a glass cylinder with a smoky and lacquered chrome-plated cap, Wanted By Night is a woody, spicy blend that opens with tart citrus, hot cinnamon and smooth lavender. The fragrance soon turns smoky and mysterious courtesy of dry red cedar, heady incense, spiced cumin and juicy fruit notes. The final, deeply elegant, somewhat dark and very sensual aspects of the eau are released through masculine cedar and tobacco, green cypress and sticky benzoin, and the exotic combination of leather, patchouli and vanilla. The overall effect is enticingly tempting.

Azzaro‘s Wanted By Night EDP is $82 for 50ml and $102 for 100 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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