Cannabis Culture: Marijuana Goes High-End with Technology And Design

Cannabis culture seems to be going more and more mainstream these days with the advent of several states in the US legalizing the sales of marijuana, while many countries around the world re-examine their stance on the substance (and figure out ways to make money off the sales). Even the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is committed to legalizing marijuana.  We may just be at the beginning of a cultural revolution of pot. But forget everything you learned about ‘weed’ during your college days, today’s marijuana industry has gone high-end and high quality. Cannabis is finally chic (and cool again). Here is our rundown on the latest in high-tech and artisanal tools of the trade.

1. Rodawg Smoking Cones

Rodawg is a brand new start-up company that is redefining  ‘weed’ smoking accessories. The New York based brand has already received over $500,000 in seed funding that they have used to help launch their first product. Enter the Rodawg Smoking Cones – these aren’t your average rolling papers. The five smoking cones come packaged in a sleek tin case; the cones use the highest quality all natural unbleached papers from the Netherlands. These are must for any luxury marijuana enthusiast. A five-pack of these smoking cones sells for $7.99.

2. Pax 2 Vaporizer

The Pax2 could just be the world’s most elegant smoking experience (at least until Pax3 comes out). This vaporizer features intelligent heating and cooling systems along with an ergonomic lip-sensing mouthpiece to optimize heat and vapor production. The integrated LED indicator communicates heat levels, battery life, and hidden games (yes, there are hidden games to keep you amused when your smart phone dies). The vaporizer comes standard with a USB charger, two mouthpieces, and a cleaning kit. This just might be the last vaporizer you ever need; it’s covered by a 10-year warranty through. Available in multiple finishes $279

3.The Mirrored Vanity Box

Everyone needs a sleek storage container for their ‘herb’ and some people prefer pretty over high-tech. The Mirrored Vanity Box by artist Lee West fills this void perfectly – storage for your stash that you can hide in plain sight.  The cylindrical storage box in mirror-polished brass features a mirrored-inside lid. Made in collaboration with the Carl Auböck workshop in Vienna. $355

4.The Canndor

Any herb-aficionado will tell you that nothing is more critical to ‘good’ weed than keeping it fresh. Just like a fine wine or cigar, the storage of your product is just as important as how it is grown and processed. This is why so many kids store their stash in Ziploc bags, but you have moved beyond the baggy era. Right? You’re a gentleman now who just happens to enjoy a toke now and then. The guys behind the brand Cannador answer your problem with an elegant solution; inspired by the working of a classic cigar humidor, the Canndor uses similar technology to keep your marijuana from drying out and losing potency.  Further, the Cannador traps odors in the box and uses it’s proprietary Humidity Bead System to insert moisture back into the flowers. You can purchase the Cannador in multiple different wood grains to match any home interior and they start at $179.

Christian Dare

Christian Dare

Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a Visual Manager before pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Design. He is the Principal at Christian Dare Creative, the co-founder of Stylist Box and runs a successful men’s lifestyle blog, Christian Dare Edited,focusing on menswear, interior design and craft cocktails. You can find him online at or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram christian_dare. 

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