Product Hype: Fern & Petal Essential Oils Kit “The Lodge”

Some believe, diffusing essential oils made from plant extracts is good for your mental and physical health. Others say, the aromatherapeutic practice makes your house smell good. We think both options sound great and clearly, so does the Vancouver-based home and body care company Fern & Petal, who offer a plethora of all-natural, high quality, third-party purity tested essential oils, like the foursome found in their vegan “The Lodge” Essential Oils Kit.

Woody, herbal and fresh, the kit’s four unique and refreshing blends, “Willow,” “River,” “Boreal” and “Coast” capture the essence of Vancouver’s west coast.

“Boreal” smells like the forest with its rich woodsy blend of North American fir needle, European pine, fresh eucalyptus, and spicy clove. The enchanting oil blend is said to spark an adventurous side, encouraging movement and activity. The “Coast” wafts a fresh mountainside-like breeze that’s light and woody, raw and natural. Its blend includes dry Cypress trees, fresh and tart bergamot and sustainably harvested Pacific cedarwood. “River’s” mix of essential oils conjure images of water-bound retreats and picturesque views. Its primary botanicals are soothing and relaxing lavender and chamomile with tart and balancing ylang-ylang. All combined they promote a calm environment. Last but not least, “Willow” has a grounded, earthy vibe with its mix of juicy grapefruit, energizing fir tree and clean tea tree. This combination is said to uplift spirits while keeping both feet firmly planted where they belong.

And all you have to do to reap the scented rewards is fill your room diffuser with water, add a approximately eight to 10 drops of one, two or all four of the kit’s essential oils, turn your diffuser on and enjoy the botanical scents it mists into the air.

Fern & Petal Essential Oils Kit “The Lodge,” $52 for four 0.17 fl oz essential oils, available online at

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