The Saje 25 Pocket Farmacy

Above: A handy-dandy to-go kit to combat every conundrum
The Saje 25 Pocket Farmacy

You’re busy. Your schedule is packed, your life is full and there’s no time to slow down, unless it’s for the panoramic views of Banff, Bow Valley and Mount Rundle from the top of Tunnel Mountain. We feel you. We also feel your pain. You know, like when last night’s undercooked burger and over-poured beer mug are giving you a double whammy of indigestion/headache, when your body is throbbing after scaling yesterday’s sandstone rock or when you’re fighting the flu and refusing to go down.

And while you don’t need to be a wimp about it, you also don’t need to be a hero. Saje can do that for you. The North Vancouver-based company has a handy-dandy product that you need, especially in these moments. It’s the Saje 25th Anniversary Pocket Farmacy kit, filled with five pocket-sized essential oils to combat your every conundrum. Now, normally, we wouldn’t just tout one product and tell you to buy it. But since we can’t find another kit to kick your butt back into gear, this is it. All you have to do is rub the right oil onto the afflicted area. Confused? Don’t worry, the kit and each oil comes with directions. And with the summer stretching out for another eight weeks, we figure this might be your new best friend.

The Saje 25th Anniversary Pocket Farmacy kit is available for $59.95 at Saje stores across Canada.

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