SculpSure, The Latest Body-contouring Treatment

SculpSure, The Latest Body-contouring Treatment

By now we know that there’s no quick fix to weight loss. A healthy diet and lifestyle combined with consistent workouts is still the best way to go. But what if you could supplement this with a fat-busting, body-contouring treatment? Last year, the FDA-approved, non-invasive, laser treatment SculpSure became available in Canada and is claiming to do just that.

“It’s a laser treatment that uses heat to permanently destroy the fat cells in your body,” explains Patricia Szmajdzinska, a practical nurse at Q Esthetics in Mississauga. “The fats melts and is flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Why try SculpSure?
If you don’t want to have fat-reduction surgery, like liposuction, SculpSure is the new non-invasive alternative. It uses a heat-based laser to target fat and eliminate it. “Many men have a hard time reducing fat in their mid section and chest area through diet and exercise alone,” says Szmajdzinska. “They can’t get rid of it, so this really helps because it breaks down the fat pockets for you.”

How does it work?
Grid-like panels are strapped onto the selected body areas (mid section, inner and outer thighs and/or chest) and a vacuum-looking laser is attached to the panels. The laser heats up the fat cells through the skin, damaging their structural integrity and essentially melting them. Later, the body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes the broken down fat cells away. “The entire process is only 25 minutes,” says Szmajdzinska. “And it typically takes two treatments with a 12-week break in-between each session.”

Does it hurt?
While the laser alternates between distributing heat into the area and providing a cooling sensation, the treatment is painful. “We want you to feel a prickling, pinching pressure throughout,” says Szmajdzinska. “It means you’re in what we call the ‘fat destruction zone; zone four,’ and I tell my clients it is going to hurt. But we talk you through it and if your pain tolerance is low we encourage you to take deep breaths to help you relax. You’ll also have a nurse with you the entire time.”

Dos and don’ts
“Before your appointment, we recommend you avoid drinking alcohol or coffee so that you’re hydrated,” says Szmajdzinska. “Drinking lots of water afterwards also helps your lymphatic system flush the fat out.” Staying out of the sun and abstaining from using any body lotions, creams or oils is also preferred, as is shaving the area should you have a significant amount of body hair. Afterwards, massage the area for five to 10 minutes every day as “the fat cells can clump and this will remove them,” adds Szmajdzinska.

Are there any after effects?
“You might feel some tenderness or cramping, like you’ve done a hard workout, for up to two weeks after each session,” says Szmajdzinska. “And your skin might be a little pink.” SculpSure also claims you’ll see 25 per cent fat reduction and a one to two inch weight loss off the treated area three months after your first treatment.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is based on the number of panels you want or need to use on each area. Typically, two sessions will cost approximately $1,500.

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