Summertime Colour, Does Your Hair Dare

Do you dare to colour your hair? And no, we don’t mean covering up your greys with a DIY box containing a paint-on formula. We’re talking about highlights, a hint of copper, silver and even, a dash of your favourite pastel. It’s summertime, the perfect time to add fresh style to your look. Plus it’s easy to achieve, just so long as you get your colour on at a professional and reputable hair salon and follow a few expert tips and tricks, says Hwan Cho, a colourist with Taz Hair in Toronto.

Why is summertime a great time to get in style?
“Summertime, especially now after we’ve had so much isolation, is when people want to have fun,” affirms Cho. “It’s warm outside, we’re doing more, going to festivals and parties. It’s easy to feel more carefree and adventurous about our hair.”

What are some of the best summer hair hues to try?
“My male clients tend to want to go lighter, like with a blonde or a silver shade,” says Cho. “But avoid deep reds and violet colours, they‘re too bold for this time of year and if you work in a more conservative environment, they can also be a bit too obvious for someone who is colouring their hair for the first time.”

How can you embrace colour, but without the commitment?”
“Fade-out washes are fun and great for low commitment,” suggests Cho. “Goldell’s Elumen Play comes in pastel colours like, pink, orange and blue and they wash out in about 20 shampoos.”

Where’s the best spot to add a little colour?
“It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long, you don’t have colour all of your hair and go full on,” recommends Cho. “You can add some colour to the nape of the neck, on the ends or around the ears, just depending on what kind of hairstyle you have.”

Is coloured hair hard to maintain?
“Being outside in the sun can definitely make your hair colour fade faster,” says Cho. “Pollution can alter your hair colour too, but the type of shampoo you use is the biggest cause of faded hair colour. Drugstore shampoo formulas are also not so great for coloured hair because they are typically very strong and can contain sulfates that can strip the colour from your hair. Using a professional, colour-safe shampoo and conditioner, like the ones you can buy at a hair salon will maintain the quality of your colour longer. They cost a bit more money but they’re worth it. Most men usually come into the salon for a hair cut or a trim around every four to six weeks and they can work their hair-colouring services in at the same time, so it’s easy.”

Pro tip?
“Don’t forget to use a professional colour-safe conditioner after you shampoo,” advises Cho. “I know most men don’t do this, but they should. Conditioners are PH-balanced, so they close the hair’s cuticle, which helps keep the colour trapped inside where it’s supposed to be and they keep your hair soft, strong and healthy.”

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