We Tried It: Sunice’s Kern Jacket

Product: Sunice’s Kern Jacket
Price: $270
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Available: Golf Town

Sunice’s materials science wizardry have made their performance enhancing designs the envy of slopes and fairways for some time now. The butter soft Kern Jacket, the flagship look from their popular Tornado collection ups the ante by managing to feel both light and airy while keeping your body bone dry in the rain.

For the impressive breathability, thank Sunice’s WxTech™ proprietary finish which allows airflow while repelling water. Meanwhile accumulating moisture evaporates as it passes through microscopic pores thanks to their Flexvent fabric with a moisture vapor transfer rate that can pass twenty liters of water through a square meter of fabric during a 24-hour period.

Fashion wise this golf layer packs pizazz with a prominent zipper bed popping in contrast to the vibrant rich colourways—even in the understated charcoal, my pick among the collection, has a rich luster.

“My challenge is to create a garment that will look sharp, be waterproof and all the while, give the player complete freedom of movement”, explains Micheline Gallant, Sunice’s golf apparel designer. “Obviously, you can’t have fun playing if your swing is hindered in any way. I think we have found the perfect solution with our Flexvent full stretch fabric. It delivers on all these points and as an extra-bonus, it’s super quiet.”

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