Adidas is Shutting Down Its Confirmed App

Above: The official app is shutting down this year
Above: The official app is shutting down this year

Since launching three years ago, the Adidas Confirmed app has been the easiest way to cop some of the brand’s hottest upcoming sneakers. The handy little tool — which hit mobile stores in support of Kanye West’s insanely popular Yeezy 750 piece — has been savvy customers’ main resource for reserving gear before it hits resell markets for an exorbitant price. Sadly, Adidas fans will have to look elsewhere this year if they’re itching to snag their favourite hyped sneaker, as the app will be phased out sometime in the near future.

According to multiple trusted outlets, including shoe hotbed Sole Collector, the company will be shutting down its Confirmed app in favour of a possible integration with the main Adidas one, which is currently available on app stores right now. This means that those hoping to purchase a pair of brand new Yeezys will have to either transition to the flagship version of the app, or suffer the long lines at exclusive physical drops.

When reached out to for clarification, Adidas reps delivered some intel (and promotion) of their main application. You can read their full statement below. For the time being, it looks like we’ll have to wait and see in order to determine just what exactly the German athletic giant has in-store for its digital presence. In the meantime, check out some recent and “crazy” kicks from Pharrell and Adidas here.

First unveiled in late 2017, the Adidas App offers a unique and personalized user experience tailored around our fans’ preferences, interests, and behaviors. It offers easy access to the Adidas online store, providing consumers with customized product recommendations, inspiration through personalized articles, blog posts, videos, and real-time updates about the sports, athletes, and products they care about. The Adidas App was also designed to streamline the consumer’s digital app experience, making it easier for users to enjoy and experience the best of the 3 Stripe brand in one space. As part of this, in the coming weeks Adidas Confirmed will transition away from being a standalone experience and will move under the Adidas App portfolio of services, where users will continue to have safe and fair access to the most anticipated Adidas releases.

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