Ferris Bueller’s Red Ferrari Up For Auction

The infamous red Ferrari used in the actual production of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is set to go up for auction in August, and is expected to bring in big bucks.

Three Ferrari 250 GT Spyder replicas were built for the 1986 comedy starring Matthew Broderick; however, only two were actually drivable. The third was essentially a rolling body for that classic car-through-the-window scene.

The red open-top Spyder that is going under the hammer next month was used in the legendary airborne “I’m a professional” carpark valet scene when the valet drivers took it out for a spin. The scene took nine takes to get right and the fully functioning model ended up with broken front suspension.

Officially known as a Modena Spyder California, the replicas were built for the film by California firm Modena Design and Development. This particular model was bought back by one of its creators — Neil Glassmoyer– in 1988, and he completed a full restoration on the car in 2010.

The whereabouts of the second working replica is unclear, but the (rebuilt) ‘out the window’ car is on display at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cancun, Mexico.

The red open-top Spyder from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off hits the auction block August 15-17 with Mecum Auctions at in California.

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