Serious Golf Snacks

Above: Mike Dojc reviews golf snacks
Above: Mike Dojc reviews golf snacks

Since it can easily take upwards of five hours to play eighteen holes, intermittent snacking is just as necessary a part of a round as swinging a club. While you can grab a meal at the turn, sometimes you can’t wait that long and need a little something to munch on for an energy boost.

The traditional golf snack canon is quite short. Most pro golfers will tell you they nibble on almonds, granola bars, cliff bars, pro bars, the latest new fangled energy bars, bananas, dried fruit and that’s all folks. And if you’re relying on beverage cart fare for sustenance, it tends not to get much more varied than the standby offerings of chocolate bars or a package of crackers.

If you’re in a caloric crunch rolled oats or a dried super food smorgasbord formed into a handy rectangle will do the trick, but your taste buds don’t exactly get ecstatic over such functional food. Sometimes you need an energy pick me up that’ll also take your taste buds to the moon.

Jerky Does The Paleo Golfer Good

A buddy of Fredrik Jacobson often gives him some homemade venison jerky to graze on while he’s golfing. I’m partial to the fine protein offerings dished out by Canmore Alberta’s Valbella and Austin Texas’ Epic whose Bison bacon cranberry jerky bar is a tasty mega dose of protein.

Mallows Promote Soft Landings

In this health conscious époque few pros admit to eating sweets on the course but LPGA Yani Tseng who has five majors under her belt told Golf Digest that she often indulges in chocolate covered almonds early in her round.  For a less melt prone golfing treat, Wondermade’s artisanal marshmallows are habit forming.  Their boozy mini-pillows of heaven can take the edge off in a tournament. Top marks go to their bourbon mallows made with Makers Mark straight bourbon whisky. Their Guinness ones made with Guinness Single Stout with crushed pretzels tossed in for crunch is another gateway to cravers’ anonymous meetings.

Roasted Seaweed Snacks Ward Off Island Green Yips

I’ve tried a bunch of brands and have yet to discover a dud, but the line on the back of Annie Chun’s packaging salts the competition: “Go ahead. Indulge. Your friends will have culture envy.” There’s definitely some umami, the fifth dimension of deliciousness going on, a subtle yet savory yummy feeling that goes beyond the pedestrian bud barometers of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.

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