We Tried It: The New Dyson V10 Vacuum

Product: The Dyson V10
Retail price: $599 – $799
Available: At most major retailers across Canada

I think one of the signs of ‘adulting’ is owning a proper vacuum. And I don’t mean the vacuum your parents passed down to you when they got a new one. I mean a well-designed, proper vacuum. Enter Dyson, the brand known for revolutionizing the technology and design of vacuums. Now many of us have coveted a Dyson vacuum over the years but is it worth it? At AmongMen, we decided to test it out their latest, the Dyson V10, for you.

Now, I have to admit that I am a bit of a clean freak so I was excited to test out the new Dyson V10 vacuum. The Dyson V10 is the latest in their v-series of cordless vacuums. Past models have always come with great versatility, cleaning performance, and accessories. But what the V10 offers that is better that previous models is that the V10 battery lasts 60 minutes. This is a vacuum that brings it all together in a beautifully balanced package of performance, convenience, and usability. Dyson V10 Absolute is arguably the best vacuum I’ve ever used. It has turned me into a ‘casual vacuumer’: due to the ease of the V10 you become someone who just grabs their cordless on a daily basis and does a quick clean of the room.

First off the Dyson V10 is a well designed vacuum – it’s just pretty. Or rather, it’s modern, it’s sleek, it’s the kind of vacuum you don’t need to hide away. But it’s what inside that counts. The vacuum utilizes one main cleaning method, but does so in a few different ways (and with three adjustable suction levels). But the primary cleaning style is built around strong suction and a two-tier filtration system. Dyson built its business on its radial cyclone filtration, and the V10 Absolute continues to use this process.

Performance wise, this vacuum performs like no other. The suction power is incredible when stacked up against competitors in this market. The battery life lasts up to one hour of cleaning (which more than enough for most households). And it charges in 3.5 hours or so for full power. Further, the vacuum comes with multiple attachments to ensure a total house cleaning. For floors, the V10 comes with a soft roller head (perfect for hardwood floors) and a motorized brush roll (that is great for stuck in dirt or carpets). It also comes with multiple smaller cleaning accessories allowing  users to use the unit as a handheld.

Now the price point may seem a bit high for the category and I think this scares some people off but it is absolutely worth it. The Dyson V10 comes in three models starting at $599 up to $799 for the Absolute V-10.

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