CES 2021: The Cars Of The Future Will Be High Tech

The annual Consumer Electronics Show may have virtual for 2021 but the groundbreaking technology launches resonated loudly in reality. Sure, we saw cuddly AI and cool new phone tech (see our other CES tech round up here) but the biggest splashes may have come from the automotive manufacturers who presented their cars of the future. From new models and dangled cool futuristic concepts, CES 2021 was ripe with cool cars any car fanatic would love. Many of them were underpinned by cutting edge advances in EV technology, AI and new materials. Some were even literal flights of fantasy (that’s right, we are flying now), but then, reaching for the sky is what the future is all about, right?

Here are the cars of the future (near and far) that caught our attention.

Are you ready for flying cars? Cadillac thinks so
You may have thought that flying cars were only a fantasy as seen in Hollywood movies set in the future but they are here. At CES 2021, Cadillac introduced the world to the Cadillac eVOTL Autonomous Air Taxi. This flying car taxi can fly without a ‘driver’ and seats one passenger. That’s right, this concept car is more like a plane than a car; it has vertical takeoff like a helicopter. Moreover, it comes equipped with a 90kWh battery and four propellers, allowing it to hit a top speed of 90 km per hour. It also boasts other smart technologies like voice recognition and smart temperature control. Furthermore, with gesture and voice control, the eVOL makes adjustments for a seamless hands-free ride. Finally, this air taxi features a glass dome roof so riders (drivers?) can enjoy stunning views of the city. The future is here, and it includes air taxis.

The Hummer goes electric with the GMC HUMMER EV
The Hummer has been around for years; a super tank of a truck that became known as much for its military aesthetic as for its gas-guzzling needs. But all that is about to change with GM’s all-electric pickup, the Hummer EV.  This new model redeems itself as an enviro-friendly super truck that does not give up its power or speed; it can do zero-to-60 mph sprint in just 3 seconds. The EV comes equipped with 1,000 hp and churns a mind-numbing, combined-axle 11,500 lbs of electric torque. Moreover, this baby can travel up to 560 miles on one charge. Not bad for an electric super truck. Smooth on the highway and capable of tackling any terrain, it makes us all say, “I’ll just take the Hummer”.

Mercedes-Benz Vision ATR: Fantasy or car of the future?
When people dream about our modes of transportation for the future, I often think this is the kind of car they are imaging. The Mercedes-Benz Vision ATR is sleek, sexy and fully futuristic in its design. This Tron-like masterpiece is capable of driving the front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite directions, or driving side-to-side.. What? Yup, it can drive in any direction you want – front, back, or sideways. Moreover, the ATR features a powerful and compact high-voltage battery; developed with graphene-based organic cell chemistry that does not rely on toxic, rare-earth metals for power. We have to hand it to Mercedes-Benz for leading the charge in the advancement of new EV technologies. The ATR not only looks like the future, but it drives like the future.

The Woody is back: Jeep Wagoneer concept car of the future
I can still remember when I was much, much younger and all the New England-wanna-be-prepsters parents drove a Woody. Those 3M fake wood side paneling jeeps (aka the Woody) were all over the place in the 80s but quickly disappeared off the scene due to their dated aesthetic. But for about a decade now, they have slowly become the ‘new-old’ cult car for the hipster class. So, it should come as no surprise that the Grand Wagoneer, which was made from 1963 to 1993, is officially back.  The all new Wagonner will be available later this year. Let’s just hope the faux wood panels are an add-on feature not standard equipment on all models.

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