Why You Need A Wingwoman

Above: The Wingwoman is the new Wingman (Photo: Pressmaster/Shutterstock)
Above: The Wingwoman is the new Wingman (Photo: Pressmaster/Shutterstock)

The term “wingman” has been around for awhile. One of Urban Dictionary’s (less rude) definitions for the wing man is “a guy you bring along with you on singles outings that helps you out with the women.” Basically, the wing man is there to help you approach women, and then occupy the friends of the girl you are actually interested in. You may be somewhat limited in your wing man options, given the fact that some of your friends may already be paired off, horribly bad with women, or just uninterested in anything besides their next drink.

There are actually companies that let you hire a girl to go out with you and coach you on your attempts to talk to other women. But, obviously, it would be a lot more natural to ask one of your female friends for a little advice. They know you better, and want you to find someone awesome (hopefully). Here are some reasons why a wing woman trumps a wing man, almost every time.

Less competition

If your friend is good enough to be a wing man, than he must be pretty good with women. Meaning, he could be your direct competition for the affection of the girl you have your eye on. A good wing man would back off if you expressed interest first, but there is no controlling what the girl wants. She might see him and instantly forget you exist. With a wing woman, there is a lot less chance this will happen (and let’s face it, if it still does, you were never in the running, anyway).

Makes you look like a girl-friendly guy

Sure, your wing man can talk you up, exaggerating your accomplishments and all-around awesomeness, but most girls are going to see through that immediately. Even if it’s all true, girls are going to think there is only one thing you are your buddy are looking for. Women are a lot more likely to trust another woman when she tells her that you are a great guy. A woman’s intentions will seem more pure, and a lot more genuine. Obviously, if your wing woman is vouching for you, there must be a reason.

She will deter the girls you aren’t interested in

Unlike your wing man, who might think it is entertaining to watch you try to dodge that clingy girl who won’t leave you alone, your wing woman can be useful. All she has to do is come over and grab your hand, and that other girl will be out of there, leaving you free to pursue the girls you are interested in.

She can make a less threatening approach

Sometimes just seeing two guys headed in their direction puts girls on high alert. They already have their guard up and their skepticism is out, full swing. But if they just happen to bond with another girl over her Marc Jacobs purse, or her favourite shot at the bar, then they might not be so against coming over to meet her group of friends. Which just happens to include you. It seems less like a pick up, and more like a casual meeting between friends.

She can give you advice

Your wing man is probably only concerned with the initial hook up. If you close the deal, his work is done. But a wing woman will be able to give you advice on where to go from there. Women generally have a pretty good sense of other women, so your wing woman will be able to tell if this girl has potential for more. But she can only take you so far. You have to be the cool, fun, interesting guy she introduced you as, so don’t get lazy just because you have a wing woman to break the ice!

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