Yes. Bacon Condoms Exist.

Photos courtesy of: J&D's Foods
Photos courtesy of: J&D's Foods

J&D’s Foods is inviting guys to “Make Your Meat Look Like Meat” with the launch of the world’s first bacon-flavoued condoms. You read that right — condoms that look and taste like bacon are now a real thing that you can buy.

“Truly the new standard of animal protein themed prophylactics, Bacon Condoms are proudly Made in America of the highest quality latex and rigorously tested to help ensure the utmost reliability and safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon,” the American firm said in a release. “And as an added bonus, each Bacon Condom has been generously coated with J&D’s baconlube™, an ultra premium Bacon flavored personal lubricant.”

A three-pack of bacon condoms will run you $9.99 each at But, don’t get too excited… there’s already a waiting list.

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